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SPEEDBORD - Spine Taping

standard belts and flights


Semi automatic machine to put tape on the spine of books, very simple set up and ensures premium quality work. It can also handle 200 metres length adhesive tape spools

  • Introduce the book/booklet between the entry guides
  • This is handled manually from left to right as far as the “length stop”, the knock up device automatically being activated thanks to fibre optic detection.
  • Simultaneously there is a delay in the retraction of the length stop
  • The booklet then slides along toward the exit, a system of ramps applying the tape on both sides of the item.
The work is therefore completed in one process

The “Speedbord” machine will produce  400-500 booklets per hour  (according to the size of the booklet to be taped)

Option: There is a tape unrolling device, which is useful for strongly adhering tape such as adhesive cloth/canvas etc.



This is a very simple apparatus for spine taping, using adhesive tape and ensuring premium quality work. It can handle 200 metre length spools, is economic to purchase and is a time saving system.

  • Introduce the booklet within the entry guides
  • Place the tape by the booklet up to the right side “stop”. (??)
  • Cut the tape manually
  • Continue to control the booklet sliding into the guides up to the exit of the equipment during which time the edges of the tape will be correctly applied. The operation is then complete.

The average production rate of the MINIBORD Spine Taper is in the order of 150 to 200 booklets per hour.