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Signature collator

The height of the transport conveyor flites are typically supplied to handle a set thickness upto 30mm but depending upon customer requirements, this can be increased by special request upto 70mm.  In an extreme case for book collation this has been supplied at 140mm.  Automatic conveyor knock-up belts will ensure that a well registered set is transferred to the in-line Exit Delivery Conveyor-Stacker.  The EDC unit collects collated sets in multiple stacks with each stack approx 70mm deep.  When the first stacking position is full, the EDC will automatically move forward one position along the conveyor.  The EDC can be supplied with 4, 6 or 8 stacking positions giving a combined stack depth of 560mm.  The EDC is easily and safely unloaded without the need to stop the collator, or the machine will alert the operator by stopping when all stacking positions are full.  An optional offset stacking facility to separate each collated set can be added as required.  This is specifically designed to suit the offset stacking requirements of collating folded sections.

Continuous production can be achieved by loading "on the run" without stopping production.  The standard format is 320 x 350 mm with a minimum size of 148 x 210 mm but both larger and smaller formats can be accommodated by special request.

The market for gathering sections and mail fulfilment work appears to be dominated by several larger producers of this equipment, all offering more expensive and more operator intensive equipment.  The Col-Tec Signature collator is aimed at those companies looking to add a low cost automatic gatherer with very quick set-up as either their primary collator or, as an addition to their existing perfect binding lines that are either fully occupied with work or take too long to change over for short run jobs.

Col-Tec adapted their versatile design to produce a collator ideally suited to the collation of heavier and bulky items such as signatures, stitched and perfect bound books.  This has seen the machine used widely for Perfect Binding and Mail Fulfilment applications.  Deep pile feeders are fitted with adjustable back and side guides to support the product whilst deep pile tables automatically tilt and adjust to the contours of uneven piles thereby enabling the feeders to be stacked to a good depth i.e. always maintaining a straight edge at the point of pick-up.
  • Signature collation
  • Speed range upto 3,600 cycles per hour
  • Automatic tilting deep pile feeders
  • Continuous loading
  • From 3 to 30 stations
  • Customised specifications
  • Exit delivery conveyor with offset stacking mechanism