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Pad Book Machines / Spine Taping

cheque book
Stitching and spine taping presentations are used for many types of application including:
  • Cheque Books
  • Invoice Pads
  • Note Books
  • Promotional Items
  • Stamp Books
  • Swatch Books
  • Calendars

Stitching units will stitch sets up to 20 to 25 mm and put any number of stitches into a pad using a powerful programme control feature. Spine taping using the best quality material will give a highly professional finish to the work. The guillotine unit can repeat cut, allowing an A4 set to be cut down to 3 or 4 separate pads or books.

  • Programmable Stitchers
  • Spine Taping Units
  • Programmable Guillotine
  • 2,000 pads per hour

For semi-automatic, inexpensive, table top spine taping, please click here