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Exit Delivery Conveyor

Col-Tec have adapted their versatile design to produce a collator ideally suited to the collation of heavier and bulky items such as signatures, stitched and perfect bound books etc.
Collator with exit delivery conveyor
Collator with exit delivery conveyor
Automatic conveyor knock-up belts ensure that a well registered set is transferred to the Exit Delivery Conveyor. The EDC unit will collect the collated sets up to a stack depth between 70 and 100 mm. When the first stacking position is full the EDC will automatically move forward one position along the conveyor. The EDC can be supplied with 4, 6, or 8 stacking positions giving a maximum combined depth of up to 800 mm. The Exit Delivery Conveyor is easily and safely unloaded without the need to stop the collator or, the EDC will alert the operator by stopping the collator when all stacking positions are full. An optional offset stacking facility to separate each collated set can be added if required