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Broschürenfertigung/Heft Falz Schneid Einheiten

Erweiterte Heft & Falz Schneid Einheiten
  • Bis zu 4000 Takte pro Stunde
  • Bücher bis zu 6mm dick
  • Über 500kg Druck für dünne Broschüren
  • Erkennung fehlender Heftung
  • Genaue und konsistente "Heft auf Pfalz" Positionierung
  • Trennschnitt Messer & Dreischneide Optionen
  • Miniatur-Broschüren so klein wie 40 x 65 mm.
  • Die Stanzen für 4 - bis Produkte
  • Formstanzschnitt für ungewöhnlichen Form Broschüren
When viewing the film opposite, you will see a Col-Tec 8 station collator feeding an Advanced Stitch/Fold/Trim model with die cutting unit to produce 4 x miniature booklets at a rate of approximately 10,000 books per hour.  These booklets are  transported for further processing as part of an automatic in-line process.  A streaming conveyor separates the booklets before turning them through 90 degrees and on into an in-line wrapping and cutting machine to produce the final product packs.  We trust this film demonstrates something of the versatility and efficiency that Col-Tec collators and in-line finishing equipment bring to the post press market.


Standard Stitch, Fold & Trim Units

Some of our customers do not require the exceptional performance capabilities of the above mentioned Advanced booklet maker.  Consequently a good number are more than happy with a much lower cost Standard Stitch/Fold/Trim line.  This machine does not have added extras such as 3 knife trimming or die cutting but is built using a durable design to produce booklets accurately and reliably up to 2,200 books per hour with a maximum booklet thickness of 4mm.  The machine takes a smaller footprint and can be interfaced with most makes of horizontal collator as well as being hand fed if required.   A number of refurbished models are also offered (subject to availability).

Brochures and DVD film are also available